Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hancock Fabrics: The Ultimate Prom Competition Webisodes and Style Tips

This is an old project I worked on earlier this year that I'd forgotten to post until I saw it in the portfolio section of our new Basement website.

Advertising agency, Creative Alliance, recruited us to produce a microsite for a seasonal promotion with Hancock Fabrics and Seventeen Magazine. Hancock Fabrics was the official fabric sponsor of The Ultimate Prom 2009 competion. The microsite included fashion design tips and webisodes documenting three aspiring designers from New York's High School of Fashion Industries.

For this design obviously fabric and fashion design were our overarching concepts to work with. We wanted fabric to be the biggest design element so I used some satin from the Hancock Fabrics prom line and added stitching, pins, tape, and pattern paper to pull it together.

Being the only girl designer in the office it made sense for me to use my feminine sensibilities for this project. ;) Hopefully it came across as appealing to teen girls across the US and helped to portray Hancock Fabrics' as a more relevant brand for teens and younger women, and not a just store catering to their mothers and grandmothers.

Though this site has already launched and run it's course, there is still a test version of it up on our server you can check out here.

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