Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Knozone's new site finally launches!

Over the past few months The Basement has been working with Miles Design to create the new look for Knozone, an organization championing Indy's clean air movement. Personally, I really enjoyed working on a site for a client like this. (Now, if only we could do the same for Indy's water quality!)

On this site I wore several hats.

Art director (oversaw motion, additional design needs such as charts and buttons, helped troubleshoot problem areas our interactive team faced)
Lead designer (main homepage and overall sub page look and feel)
Time line animator (poofing clouds, balloon siren, air whisp animation)

Miles developed the idea of the skyline and displaying content between buildings, and it was our job to figure out how to make it work. There were tons of challenges that our interactive team had to solve and they did an awesome job!

I'm so happy to see it live! Nice work everyone!!! Check it out!



Jen said...

Looks great Amy!

Zeb said...

Whats that?! The air is becoming so clean, I can smell Honey Buns all the way from Circle Center! Thanks Amy! :)

Stephanie Wagner said...

Love the vibe, especially the hot air balloon. How freak'n clever! You rock!

Lawrie said...

Very nice, I like the clouds and the balloon especially.

Sue said...

Great work Amy! I really like how realistic the skyline looks. How do you do that? Does it start with a photo?