Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Desktop Background Freebie

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Who doesn't love free things!? I personally like to change my desktop backgrounds often. Sometimes I make my own, other times I really like having another artists work to look at.

A week or so ago, I was playing around with the photo that I used in the processing tutorial and created a simple desktop background with it. I got to thinking that if I love free high-quality desktop backgrounds made by other artists, maybe I should contribute one of my own to the community. So here it is! Take it if you want it! Totally on the house.

Precise Path Robotics Site is Live!

We at The Basement Design + Motion have been working with a local robotics company, Precise Path Robotics, for the past several months to create promotional and educational materials for their product the RG3, the worlds first robotic greens mower. It's been really neat to work on a project for such a ground breaking product!

Today they're unveiling the mower at a trade show down in New Orleans. We produced video's that will play in their booth to help them explain what the mower can do and how it can benefit greens keepers. The mower is so new they needed to show it's capabilities through 3D animations. (Photos of the booth yet to come.)

In addition to the videos, we produced an online experience where greens keepers can learn about the mower, get detailed spec information, and sign up for the newsletter and road show.

We're very proud of the entire campaign! My role involved art directing the website from the ground up. I had a lot of fun. Each part of the process was an opportunity to learn, from the first meeting talking to the client about the image he'd like to project to working with a team of 3D artists, compositors, designers, and interactive developers to create the final product. Having access to such a talented and diverse pool of talent made my job a joy!

So here it is, the unveiling of our latest project