Friday, September 19, 2008

I think it's a sign

Here is a quick glimpse in to a neighborhood on the east side. The thing about this neighborhood that caught my eye the most was the signage. The style of the signs seemed to suggest that the town must have boomed in the 50's but now they've all experienced a sort of urban decay. Perfect for a little TtV photo shoot.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mustang Sally, through the viewfinder

Somehow this TtV thing seems to capture the late summer warmth on a cherry red mustang far more eloquently than my dslr on its own. Working in a field where everything is post produced, there's something really freeing about creating a whole mood in an image before it ever reaches my photo editing software. No grunge masks, no massive exposure or color corrections, just a slight tweak of the curves to pop the darks and viola, an unsightly used car lot in a small town can feel completely warm and nostalgic. I posted more small town USA, TtV style, on my Flickr site.

Photo Week: Auto-Settings

This week Photo Week is inspired by our camera's Auto-Settings

Share your work with Steph as she hosts this week's challenge.

Monday - Landscape
It's a secret little landscape.

Tuesday - Macro

Alex was driving me around Lebanon to shoot some photos of our small TtV style and when I got back in the car this little guy was sitting on my door. He flew off onto a fence where I shot the rest of the photos.

Wednesday - Portrait

My sweet niece Sylvia Q.

Thursday - Action

My other sweet niece Margot being pushed on the swing by Uncle Alex.

Friday - Nighttime

Oh Gocco!

This little device is the raddest thing I've seen in a long time! I've been lusting after it lately and imagining all the cool stuff I could do with it. It's not sold here in the US anymore, so it's become a rare-ish sort of item in these parts. How sad that something THIS fun should be largely unavailable to the general art loving public here in the US. Some day, hopefully, some lucky owner of a Gocco will tire of it's charms, or perhaps upgrade to one of the larger units leaving it available and in search of a new loving home. Some day...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TtV Experiment

Last night I grabbed an old piece of cardboard and some electrical tape to construct my glare blocking tunnel for the TtV experiment. It didn't take long, I suppose I could have tried a little harder to make it look nice, but I was so anxious to get to using it I really didn't care about the aesthetics of the tube.

My contraption, though strange and ugly, worked great!

I took a couple test photos in the living room last night to test it out, then a couple more outside this morning. I can see some definite potential for cool photos. I'm curious if the length of the tube has anything to do with the way the edges of the photo will bubble. (why didn't I pay more attention in optical physics) Well, I'm off, I've got lots of experimenting to do!

The top of the camera flips up and you look down through the viewfinder

Here's my ugly little cardboard tube on the camera. I just stick the lens of my DSLR in the top of the tube and snap away.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello Beautiful!

A week or so ago I won an old twin lens Kodak Duaflex camera on ebay. I just think they're super cool looking and I thought it would be something interesting to have on a shelf in the living room. Aside from it's aesthetic value, I of course thought that it would be fun to load it up with film and shoot some photos with it from time to time.

As soon as the package arrived, I opened the box, pulled out my new (old) toy and began to wander around the house. As I gazed down through the top of the camera through the viewfinder there was something really cool about what I saw. The same things I see EVERY day somehow looked different and a little more interesting. I thought little more about actually using the camera other than to show Alex the Duaflex when he got home. Just as I did, he held the camera at mid torso level and looked down through the top of the camera and commented on how neat things looked through the viewfinder.

Apparently we're not the only ones who think that a little magic happens when you look down through the veiwfinder of these old cameras. I recently found a post about TtV (Through the Viewfinder) Apparently there's a whole community of people who rig up their digital SLR cameras to take photos down through cameras like my duaflex. Here's a great how-to article that explains the process. I can't wait til tomorrow when I will rig up my own duaflex for some TtV fun!