Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bookend with Audio

After working with Andy on what I was thinking on the audio, he produced this lovely sound track for the bookend. Dan made the scurry sound for us with a couple pencils on a pad of paper. Well done guys!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mediasauce.TV Bookends

I've been working on a little bookend animation for the videos that will be posted on mediasauce.tv The "network" hasn't launched yet, but should sometime within the next couple weeks. Dan created this little tv character that will be used throughout the site. A lot of the videos will be that low fi production feel so I wanted to animate his little character to feel that way as well. I liked the idea of seeing the paper flip and change as the poses changed and gave a slight wiggle to the lines of the tv character to simulate that hand drawn wiggle. (It's a bit hard to see on the small video) I've still got some sound effects and a nice little music track to add. Dan is going to play some snare drum for the music track. I cant wait to get it all together.