Thursday, June 28, 2007

Girls Can Draw Too

My friend Vince at work sent me a link to this photo on flickr. Thank goodness there were young men around to lift all those heavy pencils!

Pitching Roster

The last couple days at work I've been working on a layout to help pitch the idea for Roster. Its about hooking up celebrities with fans via xbox live gaming. The website allows fans to watch the the games online in addition to a bunch of other video content that helps bring celebrities closer to the fans. Perhaps fans could write in an ask a question and the celebrity would answer over a video interview, you could watch him give a tour of his home, or sing some karaoke. The idea has room to grow and change, but here's a first run of my layout to help the investors envision it's potential and appeal to the younger generation.

Sometimes I Make Things

Sometimes you have to. Sometimes when you don't, you get grouchy, and depressed, and nothing seems very exciting, and everything seems a little off. Then you make a sketch, or a print, or an animation, or a window box and you feel better, and pretty dumb for not knowing what was wrong after 26 years of the same problem. I'm putting together this blog to remind myself that sometimes I make things. Not always portfolio worthy earth shatteringly awesome things, but things that make me feel whole.